Booklicious: Friday Bookmarks

November 05, 2010


*In one of the more interesting marketing campaigns in recent years, Jay-Z promoted the upcoming release of his autobiography by hiding each page of the memoir around New York City (with selected pages also hidden away in London and Miami).  

*Get excited, L.A.! On Nov. 30, Salman Rushdie will be in your town, speaking at the Los Angeles Public Library's ALOUD series, held at the Aratani/Japan American Theatre. I'll be radiating envy from the middle of the country that day.

*It's November, which means thousands of fingers are furiously flying over keyboards in an attempt to dash off an entire novel in one month. But not everyone's stoked about NaNoWriMo - in fact, one writer is being taken to task for calling it "a waste of time and energy," and a "self-aggrandizing frenzy." "Frankly, there are already more than enough novels out there," she writes. Oh boy, oh boy. This should be fun to watch.

*This round-up of awesome author-author feuds is good reading, but they left out one of the best. In addition to Truman Capote and Norman Mailer, Gore Vidal also found time to get into a tiff with William F. Buckley. Their animosity stretched back to the '60s, with Vidal ultimately "winning" after Buckley died in 2008. Vidal composed an "obituary" for the occasion, sweetly bidding his longtime foe goodbye with the words: "RIP WFB - in hell." (You can read the entire piece here). 

*Need some help coming up with the perfect cliché? Then you'll love this site.

*I used to be obsessed - OBSESSED - with owls, and you already know that I'm a book junkie, so this story about how the Harry Potter series may be responsible for India's plummeting owl population delivered a double punch to my stomach. 


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