Booklicious: Two Thumbs Up for the Thumb Thing

November 08, 2010


As a commuter who often finds herself crammed into a train car each evening, I really appreciate the thought behind this little doodad. A 40-minute trip is just no fun without reading material, but it's darn difficult to keep hold of your purse, the pole and a book - especially if you'd like to turn a page once in a while. That's why Thumb Thing here is so clever - it lets you keep pages open with minimal effort, leaving you a few spare fingers. And if you ride a bumpy train each day, you understand just how valuable those are. 

(Don't get me wrong; I'm sure Thumb Thing is also great for reading in bed, at the park, at the beach, etc., but I'm using my own selfish perspective this time.)
Thumb Thing is a nickel under $4 and available in a range of colors here. (Eagle-eyed reader Dani points out that it doesn't seem you can pick a specific color, although you can specify what size of Thumb Thing you'd like. So I guess it's thumbs crossed that you don't get stuck with your least favorite shade.)


Dani said... @ November 9, 2010 at 1:58 PM

I think I'm going to put this on my christmas list. It's so awesome, and cheap.

One question though, can you choose which colour you get when you order? I couldn't see how on the site.

Evangeline said... @ November 9, 2010 at 10:49 PM

You're right! It looks like all you can specify is your size. I checked other retailers' sites and they look the same. This site ( specifically says that colors are shipped randomly. Not so cool. I'll update the post to let people know.

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