Booklicious: Etsy Gems: The Literary Statement Skirts of GoFollowRabbits

March 06, 2014


I'm always blown away by the creativity I find on Etsy. Just when I think I've seen it all — every reclaimed-wood bookcase, dressed-up dictionary page, and typewriter-inspired trinket out there — I stumble upon a shop like GoFollowRabbits

Its owner, Ashley Berthiaume, designs fun clothing using quirky and unexpected prints. I especially love her use of "novel" material* — from Harry Potter to Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast to Sherlock Holmes, her whimsical skirts run the literary gamut.

I have two especial favorites:

This Alice in Wonderland trompe l'oeil skirt is absolutely adorable.

But it comes second to this skirt:


You can browse the rest of Ashley's fun prints at the GoFollowRabbits shop

*come on, how could I resist a pun like that?


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