Booklicious: Bookcase Wednesday

March 05, 2014


Dime Mexican Design bookcase
This unusual bookcase is the work of Dime Mexican Design. Based in Acapulco and headed by Jose Ignacio Lopez Benitez, this Etsy store specializes in minimalist design. 

I like how flexible and lightweight this bookcase seems — it'd be perfect for someone who moves around a lot and needs low-fuss furniture. As the product description points out, the bookcase is ripe for customization — you could switch out the fabric with the color or material of your choice, making it a fantastically chameleonic piece. The downside is that it doesn't hold many books, but it's rather hard to find a bookcase that's both lightweight and high capacity — especially for $135, which is the price tag attached to this one.

Check out the listing or browse the rest of Dime Mexican Design's Etsy store here.


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