Booklicious: Friday Bookmarks

September 27, 2013


*What's more delicious than a good Jane Austen novel? How about recipes inspired by scenes in her books and adapted from her letters? [via the Daily Telegraph]

*Reigning Best Actress Jennifer Lawrence is on quite the roll — she's just been confirmed to star in a new adaptation of East of Eden. [via GalleyCat]

*Looking for an agent or writing inspiration? #MSWL — the Manuscript Wish Lists hashtag — has returned, giving you insight into the stories and styles agents, editors, and publishers are currently looking for.

*Is it important that fictional characters be likable? Mohsin Hamid and Zoe Heller discuss in a New York Times column. Myself, I don't find it necessary, just as long as a book has someone likable in it — Gone Girl wasn't a bad book, but I disliked the fact that there was no one to root for or side with. I ended up not clicking with it and as a result won't read it again — and I'm a big re-reader.  

*Not to be a buzzkill, but considering the series has sold about half a billion copies, I'm surprised we don't hear about more Harry Potter–themed proposals. [via Buzzfeed]

*Over the next 100 weeks, the Observer and the Guardian will unveil their list of the 100 greatest novels written in English. But this is no ordinary "best of" list — each week's reveal will include an essay that explains that particular selection. The list kicks off with John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress. [via the Guardian]


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