Booklicious: Gimme Gimme: Shutesbury Public Library

June 14, 2012


[Welcome to Booklicious's newest feature: Gimme Gimme. It's easy to post about shiny new bookcases and the latest literary adaptations, but I'd also like to spotlight a range of bookish causes that really need our help. If you'd like to let me know about a cause near and dear to your heart, you can reach me through the Contact page.]

The public library in Shutesbury, Mass., is 900 square feet. It has no running water. It has a composting toilet. It's perhaps one of the only libraries in the country that has to turn away volunteers — because only two people can fit behind the circulation desk. Clearly, things have to change. And they can, if the town raises $1.4 million by June 30. If Shutesbury raises this sum, the Massachusetts Library Commission will kick in an additional $2.1 million, and the town will finally have a building that can house more than five kids at storytime. 

And if all that didn't convince you to part with a few dollars, maybe the library's cute fundraising video will.

You can donate via Paypal here or via the library's Fundly campaign here.


Kristin Storrusten said... @ June 19, 2012 at 3:45 AM

Amazing video, and really inspiring!

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