Booklicious: Etsy Gems: Julene's Limited-Edition Laser Cuts

November 10, 2011


Sometimes, usually when I'm watching Grey's Anatomy, sprawled on the couch and dreamily plucking my eyebrows, I like to imagine the person I'd be had I veered into medicine instead of media. I can almost see myself as a surgeon—my professional calm, my warm but politely detached bedside manner, my off-putting thirst for success. But then I'm suddenly jolted back into painful reality, as I've pinched skin with my tweezers instead of an eyebrow hair because my hands are irritatingly quivery for a twentysomething, and the daydream is oh so over. "Fat chance, McMullen. That is why your salary will forever be in the pitiful end of five figures," I growl, as I mop up the blood on my eyebrow. (Tweezerman tweezers—they're brutally good.)

Anyway, point is, given my lack of surgical skills, there's no way I could hope to do what designer and illustrator Julene Harrison does. She is a laser-cut goddess:

See? Gorgeous. Who knew that e.e. cummings could get even prettier? Although Julene currently has only six different pieces for sale on Etsy, she also does custom work, as well as commercial projects, and as you can see, literary quotes seem to be a favorite.

If you're interested in the e.e. cummings piece above, you can snap it up for $90 here. You can browse the rest of her Etsy inventory here, or read more about her work on her website.


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