Booklicious: The Striking Book Photography of Cara Barer

October 11, 2011


Stunning, aren't they? And yes, they're books, although some of them could almost pass for fireworks. This is the work of Cara Barer, a Houston-based photographer who takes books that are no longer serving their purpose—such as an out-of-date tech manual—and transforms them into beautiful art models.

My photographs are primarily a documentation of a physical evolution. I have changed a common object into sculpture in a state of flux. The way we choose to research and find information is also in an evolution. I hope to raise questions about these changes, the ephemeral and fragile nature in which we now obtain knowledge, and the future of books.

I arrive at some of my images by chance. Others, through experimentation. Without these two elements, my work would not flow easily from one idea to the next. A random encounter on Drew Street with the Houston Yellow Pages was the primary inspiration for this project. After that chance meeting, I began the search for more books, and more methods to change their appearance.

I realized I owned many books that were no longer of use to me, or for that matter, anyone else. Would I ever need “Windows 95?” After soaking it in the bathtub for a few hours, it had a new shape and purpose.

Barer has dozens of similarly gorgeous photos at her site; you really should take a few minutes and take a gander.

[via Artskills]


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