Booklicious: Etsy Gems: Molly Spilane's Literary Cuff Bracelets

July 08, 2011


I love bracelets, but until I figure out how to adapt them to my typing-filled life, they will play second fiddle to the rest of my jewelry. But for the hours outside of 9-5, these vintage-style cuff bracelets just might sneak to the top of my want list. 

These and hundreds more pieces are the beautiful work of Molly Spilane, an Etsy seller based in South Minneapolis. Although her inspirations are wide-ranging, she produces a number of literary items, of which the cuffs are my favorite. And at $25, they're priced below the cheaply made, mass-produced trinkets clogging the racks at New York & Company and its ilk. (To sweeten the deal Molly offers free shipping, that temptress.) Each bracelet is made from brass and measures 1.5 inches wide, spans 6 inches from end to end, and has a 1.5-inch opening. Drooling yet? You can browse the rest of Molly's shop here. (Do it! There's this seahorse bracelet that I've bookmarked with a vengeance, and she also makes these dreamy prints that superimpose art onto dictionary pages. I am in serious trouble.)

[Clockwise from top left: Shakespeare bracelet; Sense and Sensibility bracelet; Julius Caesar bracelet; Edgar Allan Poe bracelet.]  


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