Booklicious: Bookcase Wednesday

July 13, 2011


Books pretty much rule my apartment - they occupy an entire bedroom, have staked a claim in the living room, and have even crept onto the window sills. Seeing an apartment that embraces the take-no-prisoners style of book ownership makes me sympathize, relate, adore, envy, and flat-out COVET.  

This beauty is the Brazilian apartment of Hussein Jarouche, designed by Franco-Brazilian architecture firm Triptyque. The two began their partnership when Jarouche needed a firm to handle the layout of his new São Paulo design store, MiCasa. The wraparound bookcase is a special design by Triptyque, called Treme Treme: "The centerpiece of the [apartment] project is a great bookcase embracing the external stairs and elevator to form an entrance that gives the impression of penetrating a cave. It is present in every room, unifying the entire project."

For more photos of this gorgeous space, click here. 

[via The Entertainment Blog]


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