Booklicious: Bookcase Wednesday

June 15, 2011


Studio Parade's Paperback bookcase is pretty cool. It's modular, but not in the way you'd think. Instead of smaller sections coming together to form a single custom bookcase, it's the shelves themselves that are customizable. 
The way clients choose to slot them in affects the way their books look on the bookcase, allowing them to make adjustments for size, shape, or simply aesthetics. One of the most appreciated aspects of this bookcase, however, probably won't be its looks - it'll be the fact that it's made from lightweight resin-fortified paper and takes just four screws to mount it to the wall. Plaster-wall owners everywhere thank you, Studio Parade. 

And, those of you who looked at Paperback and thought, as I did, "well, that's all well and good for casual readers," take heart - there's another, far more exciting size. 
Mmm, mmm. The large size is 47"x23.6"; the smaller is 23.6"x23.6". And, according to New York, it's not as devastatingly pricey as would be expected  - the bookcase ranges in price from $420 to $600 when purchased from Suite New York. More photos here.

 [via New York Magazine]


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