Booklicious: Friday Bookmarks

April 08, 2011


*I've never been much of a comic-book lover, but I think I could be persuaded to read this hilarious new releases. The love story of Prince William and Kate Middleton fueled this new comic - I'm sure they're both thrilled. And Arnold Schwartzneggar is milking his Governator title for all it's worth with his new comic, upcoming TV show and possible movie. Oh boy. 

*Sensitive aspiring writers, now is the time to break out your smelling salts. Hills star Lauren Conrad has somehow nabbed herself another three-book deal. This is so depressing.

*In more cheerful news, a new e-book version of From Here to Eternity by James Jones is to include the profanity and mentions of gay sex left out by puritanical censors in the original 1951 edition. Better 60 years late than never.

*The everything-old-is-new-again trend that's taken over Hollywood seems to be seeping into other media. Just when you thought Sweet Valley High was safely banished to that embarrassing '90s box in your parents' attic, it was announced that author Francine Pascal will be releasing new books in the series. This time around, however, the Wakefield twins are starring as twentysomethings. Let's hope the books are better than that atrocious - and ill-fated - Nancy Drew on Campus reboot.

*And in the most delightful news I've heard in a while, the New York Public Library has launched a massive smartphone-based scavenger hunt. The hunt kicks off May 20 with an invite-only, 500-person lock-in and runs through the end of the year. Players download the iPhone- and Android-compatible app and then head to the library to hunt down historical objects and complete challenges. You can enter for a spot in the kick-off lock-in here.


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