Booklicious: Books are the New Bricks

September 16, 2010


The Delft University of Technology library is attracting a lot of attention for its unusual reference desk. Made completely out of books, it's a fun and playful structure that, well, references its surroundings. But since original ideas are rarer than an honest politician, the university's desk is merely one pony in a multiple-horse race.  

If you're ever in the Melbourne area, you should pop into Brunswick Bound and check out its book desk. It may not be color-coordinated, but it wins serious points for its height. 

This eclectic specimen can be found at The Socialist Pig Coffeehouse in Gananoque, Ontario. I can't vouch for the coffee, but I'd give it a shot based on the decor alone (I hear the tables are simply stacks of vintage suitcases). [photo by Marilyn S.]

Although I disagree with the choice to go spines out here, I have to give the guys who built this thing props. Not only is this deliciously nerdy for a home bar, but the books were rescued from the trash heap by a heroic Stanford librarian (and yes, the books were discards from Stanford's library that were earmarked for the landfill, which is just disgraceful).


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