Booklicious: Bookcase Wednesday

June 09, 2010


This takes the trend of books in the bathroom to a Whole.New.Level. And there's more where this came from:

This enviable apartment is the Viennese abode of Christian and Ingrid Reder, who have lived in the space for 40 years and have the books and shelving to prove it. Their home was recently covered by The New York Times, and it's easy to see why. 

I love that the books are stuffed into every available nook and cranny, that it's a collection of love and interest, and that the shelves reach the ceiling not for effect but for necessity. It just goes to show that sometimes the most magical homes aren't straight out of a catalog or showroom. Those spaces just can't capture the look of comfort and belonging that a truly beloved book collection oozes.

Read the Times story here; browse a slideshow of the rest of the Reders' apartment here


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