Booklicious: Friday Bookmarks

January 15, 2010


*The catfight continues between French authors Camille Laurens and Marie Darrieusecq. Two years ago, Laurens accused Darrieusecq of "psychological plagiarism" when she published Tom est mort, which Laurens claimed strongly echoed her novel Phillipe. The feuding pair both have books coming out this month regarding the quarrel.

*Good news, gamers: now you get to read your Inferno and play it, too. Electronic Arts has created a video game based on Dante's controversial work, with Del Ray releasing a special tie-in edition of the book. It hits stores January 19, while the game arrives February 9. 

*Miep Gies, the woman who hid Anne Frank's family from the Nazis for two years and saved Anne's diary pages, has died at the age of 100

*Maybe there really is something to the whole "luck of the Irish" thing. An Irish publisher has teamed up with Kellogg's to offer books as prizes to kids who collect a certain number of vouchers from Rice Krispies cereal boxes. That's so much cooler than the lame pogs I got in my childhood cereals.

*GalleyCat conducted an "unscientific literary Twitter survey" to seek out Twitter's self-identified writing community. It uncovered 1,790 novelists, 28,529 authors and 99,082 writers who tweet on the site. The most-followed self-identified writer is Chelsea Handler with 1,939,114 followers, with Brandon Mendelson and Newt Gingrich rounding out the top three.


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