Booklicious: New from Penguin Classics — Penguin Drop Caps

January 30, 2014


I'm not exaggerating when I say I love every single edition that Penguin Classics releases. The black originals. The old-timey cloth-covered versions. The whimsical Threads collection (part 1 and 2). Every single one. So when I read that there's a new release in town, my expectations are high. I've yet to be disappointed. 

During my recent blogging hiatus, Penguin added a new release to its roster. (Apologies if this is stale news to some of you, but I'm indulging myself.) Here's a look at Penguin Drop Caps, a series of 26 hardcover classics — one for each letter of the alphabet:

Elda Rotor, associate publisher and editorial director of Penguin Classics, describes the lineup:

For the book lover, the series is a nod to the tradition of printing and the distribution of ideas, stories, and opinions—ranging from paper to digital media. For the writer and artist, the series pays homage to the significance of composition, texture, and form. With Penguin Drop Caps, we are inspired by the timeless tradition and craft of letters and their endless capacity to communicate.

You can browse the Drop Caps collection here. A–P are on sale now, with the remainder scheduled for release through 2014.


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