Booklicious: Friday Bookmarks

January 17, 2014


*Gillian Flynn is rewriting the ending of Gone Girl for the upcoming movie adaptation. This annoys me, but the news has piqued my curiosity to the extent that I'll probably see it now — just as Flynn knew it would. Dammit. [via the Guardian]

*Some Australian dude invented bulletproof bookcases for schools — at approximately $4,000 a pop. That works out to a helluva lot of PTA bake-sale brownies — better get started on that fundraising now! [via the Daily Telegraph]

*Good news, everyone! eBook reading is on the rise — but fear not, traditionalists: so is print reading. [via Pew Research]

*And that good news continues: the University of California Press has made 770 of its titles free to the public via an online library. Subjects include art, science, history, music, religion, and fiction. So, basically all subjects. [via GalleyCat]

*British bookshop owner posts desperate plea for customers on its Facebook page, the Internet responds and boosts his sales 4,000%, book lovers everywhere tear up. [via the Daily Mail]

*As a former copy editor, I'm keenly aware of the importance of appropriate punctuation. And although I've relaxed a bit since moving on from the job, I still get a kick out of this article about famous punctuation marks in literature. [via Vulture]


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