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January 09, 2014



This has been an interesting review to write, since The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories Volume 3 is basically exactly the same as 1 and 2: same kind of things, same kind of spread, same kind of art. Which volume you like the most basically comes down to which one you find your favorite story in, or, if you're fickle like me, which cover is blue. 

A passage from a different book has somehow become associated with TBoTS in my mind. Willie Ashendon, W. Somerset Maugham's narrator in Cakes and Ale, says of the (rhetorical) poet, "he makes the best of us [prose writers] look like a piece of cheese." It's a funny thing, though — before I read that, I hadn't really considered TBoTS a poetry anthology, which it is. Not all stories have to be prose, after all. In any case, since this is the final volume and I've talked about the how and the why in the other reviews, here are some of my favorite pieces:

"The fork spooned the knife, so the spoon knifed the fork."  

"From my ship, adrift, I spied you.
And I thought you were an island.
Alas, you were an iceberg." 

"She drank in all their compliments
and soon she was full of herself." 

And here's one that they better watch out before Wes Anderson ganks it and makes another irritating movie with a couple of old-before-their-time child leads: 

"We have captured the stars...the night belongs to us!"

To get the full effect, though, you'll have to get your hands on the actual book and read the stories with their accompanying illustrations, which are sometimes complementary and sometimes essential.


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