Booklicious: Shakespearean Insult Bandages

October 01, 2013


The standard beige band-aid is a horrid thing. It's either so sticky it takes a layer of skin with it upon removal or so unsticky that it instantly peels away from your body and dangles limply by one corner for the rest of the day. It never quite fits the area you're trying to cover, and I've yet to find someone who actually has band-aid-colored skin, so instead of blending in it always looks like a thick, linty-edged growth. I quite like the fun kiddie bandages, with their bright colors and adorable cartoon characters, but I'm about 20 years too old for them. 

These Shakespeare-inspired bandages are fab, though. At $5 a pop, they're pricey for band-aids but a decent price if you're looking for a funny gift. I would totally wear these the next time my cats claw me for trying to make them test out their Halloween costumes. 

Available from Archie McPhee


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