Booklicious: Litographs: Wear an Entire Book

September 10, 2013


Litographs the Tempest
When I first saw Litographs, I did a double take — it looks very similar to Postertext, which I wrote about three years ago. But although their concepts are similar — the text of an entire work is manipulated to create a graphic that references the work's story — Litographs takes the idea a bit further. 

Its images are less obviously text-based prints, helped by the omission of columns and the addition of color (minimal but effective). What was really smart of the company was the decision to produce its designs in multiple forms — not just posters, but also T-shirts and water-resistant tote bags. 
A Doll House; Anne of Green Gables
I love these bold, iconic image choices for the T-shirts, especially the Anne of Green Gables braids. Each design comes in numerous colors and styles — expect to pay around $34 for a shirt, $29 for a tote, and $24–$59 for a poster, plus shipping.

Persuasion tote; Hamlet tote
They've got simply heaps of book options, from Persuasion to Tarzan of the Apes to On the Origin of Species. A word of advice: I counted 112 titles, so don't even try to scroll through them all. Just click List All Titles at the top and go from there. Happy browsing!


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