Booklicious: Getting Personal with the LRB

September 12, 2013


[The London Review of Books is Britain's most esteemed literary magazine. Published fortnightly, it features essays, reviews and the most outrageous personal ads ever set in type. The following is a selection from the latest issue.]

*Young 70-yr-old male, who loves the LRB for its liberal coverage of history, philosophy, politics and literature, seeks female for whom conversation is like chamber music; and vice versa.

*Hitchcock or Wilder.Eames or Bertoia. Saint Etienne or Portishead. Serra or Riley. Mantel or Mieville. Ashtanga or iyengar. Self-assured, stylish, bookish F academic, 44, seeks sharp-minded, sorted but edgy M, with whom to agree or disagree about art, architecture, music, books, film, politics.


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