Booklicious: Getting Personal with the LRB

March 07, 2013


[The London Review of Books is Britain's most esteemed literary magazine. Published fortnightly, it features essays, reviews and the most outrageous personal ads ever set in type. The following is a selection from the latest issue.]

*Happy 37-year-old woman seeks sexy, reliable partner and father of her future children. China-based, can live anywhere. Literary, sociable, athletic, sings blues-rock, great cook, opera enthusiast, avid poetry reader (Christopher Reid! Billy Collins!), globe-trotter, theatre addict, museum-goer, stupendous smiler, fabulous lover, modest (obviously), knows nothing about wine and routinely picks whatever is from New Zealand. Totally into mindfulness meditation though can be sceptical about the Buddhism. 

*Southwest Crusoe, 64, eclectic, languages, widower, yearns for female footprints in the sand – warm, witty, companionable, coeval, localish. Unearthing elusive culture, outings, innings, travel, LOL/LOL (horseless, textless), even fairweather boating, could occur. Break out and let rip, occidental bluestocking; sorry, MetroCantab gels.


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