Booklicious: My Bookcase Wednesday

December 12, 2012


The subject of my first Bookcase Wednesday post was my own home. Michael and I were living in our teeny tiny first apartment, and we had so little room that we were still keeping half our collection at our parents' houses. It was not fun. But that was more than three years ago, so the time seems ripe for an update post. 

Happily, we no longer have to farm out our book storage. When we moved to Chicago and upgraded to a two-bedroom apartment, one of our first decisions was to make the second bedroom a library. To the left of this photo (there's no good way to get a shot of this entire room — so aggravating) there's another of these Expedit 6'x6' bookcases. I love IKEA's Expedits — they're sturdy, attractive and affordable. My only regret is that the company recently released a glossy version, making me love my four matte-white models just a little less. 

Although we can't fit all our books in this one room, it's where we keep our favorites and collectibles, such as the children's books I brought over from Scotland as a kid and Michael's uber-nerdy tomes on classical civilizations. Our library reveals a lot about both our personalities, and although it's often said the eyes are the windows to the soul, I think books have far more to say. If this room went up in flames, it'd be as devastating as losing a very dear, very old friend.