Booklicious: Friday Bookmarks

November 30, 2012


*Desperately trying to wrap up your NaNoWriMo manuscript but drained of creativity? Check out Hatch's Plot Bank for a boost. [via GalleyCat

*It's got higher sales figures, a higher incidence of sex, and, allegedly, a higher standard of writing. This is apparently the new — and improved — Fifty Shades of Grey. [via the Daily Mail]

*There's now a Hobbit-themed airplane. I wish I were flying this airline on my trip to New Zealand this winter. [via LaineyGossip]

*Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins has a new book coming out. [via the Atlantic Wire]

*And so it begins (or maybe I'm just late) — the media has started churning out their 2012 lists earnestly detailing the year's best books. Here's one featuring writers' own favorites. [via the Guardian]

*The Internet geeked out this week over the discovery of The Calvin and Hobbes Search Engine — despite the fact that it has existed since 2010. [via The Atlantic Wire]

*New Yorkers! Did you know there's now a public-transit commuter book club? [via GalleyCat]

*And finally, start your weekend off on an adorable note by ogling these stinking cute photos of dogs frolicking underwater, from the book Underwater Dogs by Seth Casteel. [via everywhere]


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