Booklicious: Bookcase Wednesday

November 14, 2012


If there's one complaint book lovers tend to have in common, it's that we never have enough space. Books aren't as easily disposed of as clothes, or shoes, or pog collections, so unless you've embraced the e-revolution (or are comfortably wealthy), you're basically always teetering on the brink of hoarderdom. 

The book-loving owners of this house, however, seem to have neatly sidestepped the pesky issue altogether. Books are the main attraction of this Rotterdam house, thanks to a redesign that focuses all the attention on a three-story mega bookcase. Conjured up by Dutch architectural firm Shift and named "vertical loft," this project is kind of bonkers. Obviously, the amount of book space is very satisfying, but it seems like you would need monkey arms to reach some of those shelves. But, I'm 5'2", whereas the Dutch are the tallest people in the world, so maybe they need barely flex to grab 50 Shades of Grey from the out-of-sight top shelf.

 [via Gizmodo — thanks, Liz!]


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