Booklicious: {blast from the past post} A Novel Decorating Look

October 19, 2012


{This is content that originally ran April 13, 2010. Click here for the original post.}

This decorating look from Ruche is somewhat akin to the book wallpaper I wrote about a few weeks ago, but instead of papering walls with images of books, this project uses loose pages (preferably from already decrepit books). 

It's a fun DIY project that actually sounds pretty manageable, even for us un-Marthas. Basically, you take some liquid starch, roll it onto a wall, cover with the pages, then re-roll starch over the top. Piece of cake. To create the "floating" stacks of books, the poster suggests attaching l-brackets to a book and stacking more on top, but that seems a bit brutal to me. A book-friendlier way to do it would be to use this Conceal shelf from Umbra. But I don't think the books are even necessary - it's the layering that's pretty. Although, if I were to do it myself, I'd probably paste down the corners of the pages for a sleeker effect.


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