Booklicious: Guess the Dead Writer

August 02, 2012


Who's this bright young thing, author of one of the biggest novels of the 20th century?
It's Margaret Mitchell, of Gone With the Wind fame. Mitchell started writing the novel as a way to keep herself occupied while laid up with a broken ankle, and originally considered naming it Tomorrow is Another Day, Ba! Ba! Blacksheep, and Tote the Weary Load. Thankfully, she settled on a line from a favorite poem. The novel sold more than a million copies within six months of its release in 1936 and earned Mitchell the Pulitzer Prize the following year. GWTW was Mitchell's only published novel — she requested that the original manuscript and all other writings (except for a handful of pages to be used to authenticate authorship) be destroyed. She died in 1949 at age 48.


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