Booklicious: Etsy Gems: Cut & Tear's Funky Paper-Doll Bookmarks

August 06, 2012


Twee, quaint, fun, sweet — all perfectly fine descriptions of paper dolls. But hip, 21st century, cool? I wouldn't have thought it possible, until I discovered Cut & Tear's eye-catching paper-doll bookmarks during a cursory browse of my Tumblr feed.

They demolish the notion that bookmarks are forever destined to play second fiddle — with one of these gals sticking out of your book, odds are someone will be more entranced by her than by what you're reading (a good strategy to deflect attention from a certain current bestseller, perhaps?). I love that Kate's designs include both modern and period-influenced looks, and that the latter have an edge to them that banishes any potential stuffiness.

There's an abundance of options, so rather than list them all out, I'll just point you to her Etsy shop here. For real-time info and updates, you can check out her Facebook page.


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