Booklicious: Fifty Shades of Grey, Grey, Grey

July 03, 2012


Sorry about turning this into Infographic Tuesday — it wasn't my plan, I swear. But if, like me, you've read recent reports that Fifty Shades of Grey writer E.L. James has been raking in $1.34 million a week and you've wondered, "Who the hell is buying that tripe?" then this provides some answers.  

Goodreads examined the book's prevalence and popularity among its more than 8.6 million members, and discovered that New England — that former bastion of Puritanism — boasts the highest Grey readership per capita. But that doesn't mean they liked it. States in the South and the Plains rated the book highest, leaving the East Coast with some shred of dignity. (And before anyone feels a defensive urge coming on — yes, I've read the book. I've read all three. And no, I don't want to argue its merits or lack thereof; many, many others, who are funnier and/or more eloquent than I, have done so instead.)

Goodreads then goes on to show the effect Grey has had on works of erotica in general. It's worth a look. You can check out the rest of the infographic here.


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