Booklicious: Roundup: Owl Bookends

May 07, 2012


When I was a kid, I was obsessed with owls. I had posters, books, ornaments — I even wanted to be a falconer so that I could spend all day with the birds. Looking back, I can see what an odd little fad it must have been — it predated Harry Potter, so nobody really shared my enthusiasm, and I was convinced it would be a lifelong passion. I still quite like owls, but I'm not exactly willing to live in near poverty just so I can hang out with them all day. But thanks to the recent owl trend, it's become quite easy to insert a wee touch of owl love into one's decor without going all Renaissance Faire about it. In fact, what with Jonathan Adler getting into the trend, you could even go high end with it. 

White owl bookends; 5.75" x 5.75" x 8.5"; $29.95 from Z Gallerie

Cotton owl bookends; 8"H x 7"W x 5.5"D; $30 from Pottery Barn Kids

Jonathan Adler white owl bookend set; 8" x 4" x 4"; $195 from Jonathan Adler

Owl silhouette bookends by Streamline; 7"H; $24.24 from Amazon

Cast iron owl bookends; 6.75"H: $140 from YLiving

Who's Hoo owl bookends; 5.75"2 x 3.75"D x 5.5"H; $39 from Levenger

White resin owl bookends; 7.25" x 4"; $39.95 from Barnes and Noble

Skip Hop owl bookends; 8"H x 5.5"W; $34.99 from Target  

Wide-eyed owl bookends; 7"H x 4.5"W x 4"D; $49.95 from Barnes and Noble


Dani said... @ May 8, 2012 at 9:43 AM

Just saw this video on another blog and I thought you would enjoy it.

"The Birth of a Book" at a traditional press. Pretty neat!

Steph said... @ May 8, 2012 at 1:43 PM

Owls are my favourite! And foxes. But I too have loved owls since I was a kid. I think the ones I like best at the last set.

Evangeline said... @ May 8, 2012 at 9:59 PM

Dani: thanks for thinking of me! I actually featured this video back in March — isn't it great?!:

Steph: Foxes are just darling! I could never join a fox hunt — they're too sweet, and I don't feel bad for the chickens they kill. Chickens are mean — they even tear apart their kin. On a nicer note — my favorite of these owl bookends is the Jonathan Adler set, sadly — I will never pay that much for bookends.

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