Booklicious: Bookcase Wednesday

May 02, 2012


What do you think this bookcase is made of? Pine? Ash bentwood? The ever popular "engineered wood"? 

How about cardboard? It's true. This is the Dickens bookshelf (pictured below with the Georgia sideboard), designed by Reinhard Dienes Studio. I haven't seen it in person, but in photographs it does a great job of exuding substance and robustness. I know that if I ever had one of these, though, the universe would ensure my clumsiness reached new heights. I'd somehow find myself tripping and sailing directly into this thing while carrying a giant pot of water, which would soak the thing from top to bottom. Why would I be carrying a giant pot of water through my apartment? No idea, but it sounds just ridiculous enough that it could actually happen, and my cool bookcase would be left soggier than a Seattle sandwich.

More photos here.  
Materials: Cardboard and PVC color film; available in blue, black, red, green, purple, white, brown, and yellow
Measurements: 13.8"D x 21.7"W x 59.1"H
Money: £179/$290 from Fashion For Home


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