Booklicious: Bookcase Wednesday

March 28, 2012


Before moving to Chicago, I wasn't really cognizant of bike culture. In Kansas City, everyone's ass is pretty much glued to their car; in Southern California, if you don't have a car (preferably a luxury import) you're virtually a bum; and in New York, the only bikes noticeable in the solid mass that is traffic are ridden by messengers well-acquainted with their mortality. But biking has many supporters here in Chicago, and when I spotted BYografia's BookBike, I thought of my many biking coworkers who love both wheels and words.

From BYografia:

The symbiosis between CD's books, objects and bikes creates a powerful symbol inside a home, in a moment in which the search to express in one's home elements that speak of the personality and passions of those that live there is ever more frequent.

Available in chalk white or iron gray, the bookcase boasts quick assembly and features an adjustable hook that accommodates a range of bike sizes. You can read more about it and sigh over its $3,600 price tag here. The BookBike goes on sale in June.

Measurements: 205 cm x  85 cm x 40 cm


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