Booklicious: Darth Vader Reads Bedtime Stories

February 02, 2012


James Earl Jones reading a children's story — does this not sound like the perfect way to drift off to sleep? I am so envious of today's kids, because not only do they get Darth Vader reading them bedtime stories, they also get Betty White, Ernest Borgnine, and Robert Guillaume (but only if they're well-behaved, obedient children — otherwise they get stuck with the likes of Amanda Bynes and Haylie Duff).

All this narrative magnificence comes to us via Storytime Online, a SAG-funded program whose selling point is essentially what I presented above: famous people reading children's books. Any book that is read by a famous Joe is also available for purchase (for you Victorians who actually prefer to read to your own children in the flesh — OMG).

This almost makes me wish I had kids. Almost.


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