Booklicious: Not Your Grandpa's Calendar:12 Literary Pinups

January 24, 2012


Or maybe this is exactly your grandpa's speed, if he's the stereotypical dirty old man (albeit an educated one). Point is, this isn't really what you'd expect when hearing "literary calendar" — which is exactly why I love it.  

Designed by artist Lee Moyer and accidentally produced by nonprofit organization Worldbuilders, the calendar features one great novelist each month, with a pinup cleverly referencing each writer's work. Featured greats include Dickens, Twain, Melville, and Tolstoy. 

Worldbuilders founder Patrick Rothfuss has a pretty great story about how he came to print Moyer's pinups — here's an excerpt:

What are these for?” I asked.

“A calendar,” [Moyer] explained. “Literary pin-ups.”

“That’s something I’d hang on my wall,” I said. “Sexy but not smutty. Clever. Bookish. Where can I buy one?”

“I’m having trouble finding someone to print it,” he admitted. “I think people would love it, but the big calendar companies don’t seem interested.”

“You have twelve of these?” I asked.

“Yeah. It’s pretty much all ready to go.”

I looked at the sexy chimney sweep. She smiled at me.

“Hell,” I said. “I’ll print it.”

Lee looked at me oddly. This is not a thing authors normally say to illustrators.

Worldbuilders is currently running a couple of specials on the calendars — when you buy three, you get free U.S. shipping or $8 off international shipping (just enter LITERACY at checkout); and when you buy anything else from Worldbuilder's online store, you get the calendar for half price with free U.S. shipping (enter NEWYEAR at checkout). You can browse more of Lee Moyer's fabulous work here and learn more about Worldbuilders and the awesome work it does here.

Literary pinup calendar from Worldbuilders: $20
Signed, numbered, limited-edition calendar: $75


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