Booklicious: Judge Them by Their Covers: The Utterly Shelfworthy White's Books

November 01, 2011


All too often, modern editions of classic novels are cheap, nasty, and unsatisfying. Printing quality is laughable, and design seems virtually an afterthought. But here's an exception. White's Books are flat-out lovely, with whimsical, thoughtful illustrations and quality paper and printing. As an added bonus, each edition costs around $20, which is pretty incredible.
I'd say they remind me of the much-loved Penguin Classics, but it doesn't seem to fair to make them rivals simply because they are both thoughtful, cloth-bound series (also, White's Books was co-founded by former Penguin Books designer David Pearson). Available titles are Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre (designed by the fashion-educated Petra Borner, who has worked for Louis Vuitton), Treasure Island (designed by Radiohead album-cover designer Stanley Donwood), Great Expectations, Emma, a Shakespeare collection (designed by Pearson himself), a Sherlock Holmes collection (designed by print guru Michael Kirkham—clients include the New York Times and Dazed & Confused), and a Christmas collection. You can read more about the series here and check the books out on Amazon here.


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