Booklicious: {etsy gems} Industrial Pipe Shelving by Stella Bleu Designs

November 28, 2011


Well, after a few crazy weeks at work, I've finally found some time to stop, catch my breath, and bang out a decent post. I'm really excited about this one—I well and truly stumbled across this Etsy seller while browsing through pages and pages of random bookshelves. There's really no one doing what she's doing on Etsy—some are trying but aren't even close—and I think she stands to make a killing. 

Dallas-based designer Katie Katzenmeyer uses scavenged piping to craft industrial-chic shelving that adds a bit of edge to organization. Her designs incorporate traditional bends and joins, but Katie manipulates the piping in such a way as to make visually striking yet actually practical book storage. Some of her pieces include lighting, as well as upcycled elements such as old hardwood gym flooring for a unique twist.

If the quirky designs aren't enough to grab your attention, their startlingly affordable price tags can't fail to. Clockwise from top left: two-way industrial bookshelf, $110; Mario Bros–inspired bookshelf, $75; industrial-style bookshelf level 3, $125; Mr. X bookshelf, $110.

You can read more about Katie here and browse more of her slick designs here.


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