Booklicious: A Lesson in Sounding Smarter: How to Pronounce Authors' Names

September 08, 2011



Have you ever used someone's name loudly and frequently, over a period of weeks or months, only to realize you've been mispronouncing it the entire time? (Take my dentist's receptionist, for example – to her, I am "Eh-vih-gah-lee-na" – not "Eee-van-jeh-leen." Make sense of that.) I think we've all done it. And if you think you haven't, just take a look at this chart, because I bet you've butchered at least one of these authors' names at some point. Lord knows I have. Let's all cover our faces in mortification together, shall we? 


Dani said... @ September 8, 2011 at 5:01 PM

Hahaha. Awesome. They need one for philosophers. Sartre, Nietzche, Socrates.

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