Booklicious: Friday Bookmarks

September 30, 2011


*Here's a tell-all that I have no doubt will become a bestseller—Courtney Love is penning her memoir, which is to be published by HarperCollins' William Morrow imprint. No title or release date as of yet, but her publisher promises that in the book, Love "finally sets the record straight about [her and Kurt Cobain's] tumultuous marriage, her history of drug abuse and subsequent recovery, and her relationship with daughter, Frances Bean. In addition to focusing on her career, she will also talk openly and candidly about her career in Hollywood, including highly–publicized relationships with Billy Corgan and Ed Norton."

*Isn't this the perfect realization of a Hobbit house? And it only cost £3,000 ($4,680) to build. Adorable.

*James Patterson is donating $70,000 in indie-bookstore gift certificates to college-bound high-school seniors. I hate to be a brat, because any investment like this is admirable, but surely a guy who made $70 million in 2010 alone can afford to earmark a bit more than 0.001% of his annual income for books for needy students.

*OK, so you may be a bit surprised that I didn't post anything special to mark Banned Books Week (Sept. 24–Oct. 1), but as you may have surmised from my sporadic and often late-night posts, I've been a wee bit busy of late. But here's some great news—the American Libraries Association reported that it tracked 348 challenges to books in 2010, down from 460 in 2009. And to kick off the week, the Charlton Library in Massachusetts reinstated Mark Twain's short story Eve's Diary, which has been banned from the library's shelves since 1906. Unbelievable. That story is hilarious!

*Looking to edify and educate yourself in your spare time? Check out YouTube. Seriously—YouTube EDU features a huge collection of free videos from heavyweight institutions like Harvard, Yale, and MIT. Videos include an address by Ray Bradbury, a lecture by Clive Cussler, and discussions by Penelope Lively and David McCullough.


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