Booklicious: Cinderella Kicks the Bucket

June 07, 2011


These 2008 ads for The Literacy Foundation of Quebec are perfect in that they are depressingly depressing. Before I even saw the Peter Pan ad, what sprang into my head was the spot in that book in which Peter urges Neverland to clap their hands in order to save Tink after she drinks from the poisoned cup. Literary characters need to be read in order to live.

“In Quebec there are children that don’t even have ONE new book… in 2008,” says GaĆ«tan Namouric, executive vice-president and creative director at Bleublancrouge, the ad agency behind the campaign. “Reading feeds our imaginations. When a child doesn’t have access to reading, that’s a child deprived of an imaginary world. This unbelievable injustice should mobilize a large number of industries in the field of culture, media, publishing and even ours, advertising. What would our future be if people couldn’t understand our messages?”

A TV spot accompanied the print ads, featuring additional characters:

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