Booklicious: Book Stand or Sculpture? The Livroche by Umbra

June 21, 2011


When you Google "book stand" or "book holder," the results are - diverse. (For a brief tour in bewildering design, click here, here, and here. Oh dear.) I'm not a fan of much that's out there. And then I came across the Livroche by Umbra. At first glance, it's the least likely book holder I've ever seen. Apparently, that's all part of the plan. Designed by David Fleishman, the Livroche is meant to be loved as either a book stand or a stand-alone sculpture - form or function as the customer pleases. Made completely of stone, this modernist stand weighs in at 10 pounds, with dimensions of 8.5"x7"x6". Luckily, Umbra's shipping isn't based on weight, although, as it's based on retail price, this puppy might still run you a few dollars in postage - it's a cool $94.50. You can visit Umbra's site here for more info about it.


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