Booklicious: Got Publishing Questions? Algonquin Books Has Your Answers

April 05, 2011


Ever wondered what goes on behind the publishing-industry curtain - how books are selected for publication, the reasons behind marketing strategies, how long it takes to get a newly acquired manuscript on shelves? Well, now one publisher is attempting to answer all your burning questions. Algonquin Books just launched its Ask an Editor series and is accepting questions about the publishing process from readers through its blog, Facebook, and Twitter. Every fortnight, one question will be selected and answered by an editor.

The video above features executive editor Chuck Adams answering the question, "How did you acquire Water for Elephants?" It's just a brief video, but it gives some insight into the acquisition process and is especially interesting considering how massive the book became. (As an aside, doesn't the movie look just gorgeous?) 

[via GalleyCat]


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