Booklicious: Fingerprint Bookmarks

March 14, 2011


Michael and I have a lot of bookmarks, but they're fairly unexciting, and to be perfectly honest, they're not true bookmarks. We've got a bag filled with random business cards, old paper airline tickets, foreign train tickets and the like. They bend and crease and tear, so they eventually have to be tossed, but I can't really bring myself to buy "real" bookmarks. But these so-called "fingerprint" bookmarks are a bit tempting. If I'm juggling multiple books, sometimes it's hard to remember exactly where I left off on a page, but these neat things point it out to the line. The rubber makes it so they don't budge, as does the fact that they wrap completely around the book (although I'd be a bit worried they'd crease a nice dustjacket).

They're not actually in stock yet at Fred Flare (scheduled to ship March 28; priced at $8), but you can sign up for their waiting list here.


Unknown said... @ March 14, 2011 at 4:35 PM

I usually use baseball ticket stubs, theater tickets, page-a-day calendar pages... Whatever I can find. I'm right there with you-- I don't BUY bookmarks, no thank you.

However, my favorite legitimate bookmarks are Levenger's Page Points, now redesigned as Page Nibs (more gimmicky, still effective). Tiny, thin, unobtrusive little copper shapes a little point that directs you to the line you last stopped at. The copper pinches flush to the page so it doesn't stick out from the page, doesn't get lost, and doesn't mess with anything. To find them, you just glance down the spine (well, the pages) and you'll quickly see the little edge of copper marking your page. They are really pretty amazing.

Not quite as cute as the fingerprint bookmarks, but they do the trick (without creasing anything!).

Evangeline said... @ March 20, 2011 at 8:22 PM

Oh, I love these! So elegant, and you can't go wrong with copper. I'll definitely have to feature these sometime. Thanks for mentioning them!

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