Booklicious: Friday Bookmarks

February 04, 2011


*The Library of Congress isn't just a book lover's dream, it's also a big hit with the birds.

*In honor of the 2012 Olympics in London, each of Shakespeare's 38 plays will be performed in a different language at the Globe theatre over the six-week season. See, jocks and brains can come together after all!

*Making it to age 99 is an amazing accomplishment by itself - becoming a bestselling poet at that age is frankly miraculous. Toyo Shibata's anthology, Kujikenaide, has sold more than 1.5 million copies since its publication in late 2009 - this, in a country where selling 10,000 copies of a poetry anthology is considered a success. Incredible.

*I wasn't able to post this last week, but it remains interesting this week. January 25 was Virginia Woolf's date of birth, and to celebrate the 59 years of her life, Flavorwire posted a list of 59 tidbits about the writer's life. I think my favorite from the list is that she took cooking classes after getting married in order to be a better housewife but ended up baking her wedding ring into a pudding soon thereafter. I'm guessing that marked the end of her stab at domesticity.

*Some people seem to get second helpings when their gifts are being dished out at birth. It was recently discovered that not only was Nabokov a talented writer but he was a mind-blowingly good lepidopterist. *Sulk.*

*I love this. Sinclair Lewis' personal secretary, Barnaby Conrad, promised Lewis he would finish the book he was working on about John Wilkes Booth and give him 30 percent of the profits. 60 years later, he's finally wrapped it up.


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