Booklicious: The Book Purse is the New It Bag

December 09, 2010


Books repurposed as purses aren't new - you can find plenty of examples on Etsy - see here, here here - and last year I posted a tutorial by Country Living for those looking to make their own. But add a French designer who boasts art school credentials and an internship at Chanel to the mix and suddenly you've got a hot Hollywood trend.

Olympia Le-Tan has designed a line of book purses, each in the image of a classic work. Only 16 purses are made of each design, and Le-Tan makes the "first edition" of each design by hand herself. Natalie Portman carried the Lolita design at the New York premiere of Black Swan, while Harry Potter actress Clémence Poésy (she plays Fleur) picked La Belle et la Bête to go with her dress. You can browse her book bags here.    

The Telegraph gushed about Le-Tan's creations earlier this week. 

"Le-Tan cites the surroundings which framed her childhood as the inspiration behind her unusual designs: 'My father has a huge collection of beautiful old books. In the house I grew up in, all the walls were covered in books,' she says.

When she moved out of her family home, Le Tan began collecting first-edition books from the 40s and 50s, with very vibrant graphics. 'I just felt that some of them were so amazing that they had to be turned into something even more special,' she says."

No word on if Le-Tan actually reads the books she collects.


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