Booklicious: Literature's Best-Dressed Authors

October 26, 2010


Flavorwire has an interesting compilation of who they deem to be literature's 10 best-dressed authors. While some are a stretch - Jane Austen, really? - there are some whose presence in the lineup can't be disputed. Here are my three favorites from their list. 

Ah, Tom Wolfe - the only man who can give white-suited legend Mark Twain a run for his money. His trademark style dates back to 1962 and is apparently a nightmare for his Italian tailor, since chalk marks are hard to see on white fabric. Cheer up, signor - you're at least going to be an elegant footnote in literary history.

Look at those eyebrows, that hair! Anais Nin did the legend of French chicness proud. Give her a quick Google and you'll see a woman who had fabulous style throughout her life.

Oh, Oscar. You'd be so proud - even today you're still recognized as one of the most dashing, dapper writers to have ever lived. Your style is so legendary, in fact, that it's been immortalized in paper doll fashion. Now that's fame.


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