Booklicious: Bookcase Wednesday

September 08, 2010


When you think of what a bookcase should be, what comes to mind? Wood? Straight, horizontal shelves? A rectangular frame? Maybe it's time you stretched your expectations. 

This is the stretch shelf by designer Pete Oyler. And yes, it's basically a giant rubber band wrapped around metal pegs. Pete explains:

Inspired by the potential of three dimensional design to incite playful curiosity and imaginative pause, the s t r e t c h shelf expands the function of the ordinary rubber band. The s t r e t c h shelf is surprising, fun, and adds a fresh twist to the everyday wall shelf.

The s t r e t c h shelf has a 10 inch diameter and can be stretched to a variety of shapes depending upon the user's preference.

So fun! More photos are available at Pete's website here


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