Booklicious: Friday Bookmarks

August 06, 2010


*Google announced it is trying to count all the books in the world. I guess we now know how the Google interns are spending their summer.

*I can't think of a way to write this that will make it sound less ridiculous, so I'm just going to come straight out with it: The Kama Sutra is being released as an audiobook. Yep.

*"Death, the only immortal, who treats us alike, whose peace and refuge are for all. The soiled and the pure, the rich and the poor, the loved and the unloved." Great poets and authors are eloquent even in their last words, it seems. The Guardian has a gallery of some of the most memorable. (An aside: compare the picture of Emily Dickinson with this photo of Emma Watson and her new haircut - it's uncanny!) 

*Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay. Sources reveal that Lohan spent much of her recent jail time scribbling in notebooks, in hopes of turning her experiences into a book. Oh, honey - we've been over this before

*And I thought it was just the independent bookstores who were in trouble. Bookselling behemoth Barnes & Noble just announced it is now available to the highest bidder.  

*As you may have already heard, Justin Bieber will be releasing his memoir in October, courtesy of HarperCollins. And the press release that announced the book deal is one of the douchiest things I've ever read. Clearly, the book itself will be a gem.


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