Booklicious: Bookcase Wednesday

August 18, 2010


Ever wish your vertical bookcases didn't hog so much wall space? Maybe you should think about going horizontal. Designer A├»ssa Logerot has created an intriguing piece that puts a literal spin on the traditional concept of a bookcase. I like its flexibility - you could use it as a coffee table, a bench, even a media stand (I myself use an EXPEDIT bookcase I flipped and added legs to as a media console - it's perfect). Provided the bookcases were strong enough, you could even stack several on top of each other if you began running out of floor space (although that does start to nullify the point of the bookcase, I suppose). Anyway, I like it. It's simple, modern, versatile. Storing books on their sides isn't the best method, but at least it looks like the shelves wouldn't allow more than two or three books to be stacked on top of each other. Logerot has more clever creations on his website here - though, alas, no other book-related projects.  
[via Yanko Design]


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