Booklicious: Bookcase Wednesday

August 04, 2010


I knew this had to make an appearance on Bookcase Wednesday when Michael gave it his gun-loving seal of approval - apparently, the designer has actually made accurate miniatures of AK-47s. It's definitely one of the most unique creations I've seen in a while - I don't remember when I last saw a missile-shaped bookcase  - and its creator, Singapore-based Daniel Loves Objects, describes his inspiration thusly:

Driven by the recent crisis of certain countries who got very uptight over issues of being asked to disarm their missile test launched, their alarming action to remain hostile and persistent in their belief had stirred me to create this part of a furniture combination to depict their behavioral trait, a bookshelf with their golden army, strategically placed underneath, to uphold and to protect their ultimate plans,frozen in time for all to see.

His bookcase isn't in production yet, but I think a lot of people would be interested in owning an edgy piece like this so I wouldn't be surprised if it got picked up for distribution soon. 

This bookcase is my pick from Daniel's collection:

I absolutely love this. I like chickens just fine - they're tasty, they make good photo subjects (total tangent, ask me for details in the comments if you're interested) - but never have I seen a chicken look so elegant as in this design. I really, really want someone to produce this thing (please!) and maybe do a whole series of them with different animals? Because that would be amazing. You could have a whole room of different barn animal bookcases. In fact, I rather like the sound of that - the barn animal bookcase collection. Heck yes. Sign me up for some of that.


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