Booklicious: The Sole of Ernest Hemingway

July 21, 2010


On this date in 1899, Ernest Hemingway was born in Oak Park, Ill., so here's a post in honor of this great writer and polydactyl-cat lover. 

I don't know many people - or perhaps any, come to think of it - who'd want to slip into Ernest Hemingway's shoes. But evidently some businessman thought there would be a market for it. And so, I present to you the Ernest Hemingway Footwear Collection. 

Because if there is one thing Hemingway is known for more than his writing, it's his shoes. Right? (Also, I'd like to meet the marketing genius responsible for the collection's tagline - Good enough to last forever. That is the result of either a breathtaking amount of balls or a breathtaking amount of stupidity.)

From the website:

Ernest Hemingway Footwear Co. is a premium brand of men's classic hand crafted casual footwear, inspired by Ernest Hemingway's colorful life, writings and travels. In following his footsteps through Spain, Paris, Cuba, Africa, Key West, Canada, and of course, Sun Valley, we've collected styles that pay tribute to his experiences.

Carefully held and hand sewn by artisan craftsman in South America, these shoes are made of the finest leathers, including American bison. We work to offer an elegant refinement to the hand crafted casual footwear for the man who appreciates authentic American quality and style.

The discerning, literary-minded shopper can choose from 12 pairs of shoes from three categories: Sportsman, Literary or Angler. (All the shoes appear to be a kind of deck/boat shoe/loafer, no matter which category you select.)

Shoes made from American bison not your thing? Don't worry; there's also the Ernest Hemingway Furniture Collection, the Ernest Hemingway Pillow Collection and, coming soon, Hemingway Hotels and Resorts. i really, really wish I were kidding.


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